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About Home Reports

The Scottish Government introduced a major change to the way that homes are bought and sold from 1st December 2008.

A Home Report is required. This is a group of documents aimed at giving potential purchasers detailed information on a property in order to allow them to make an informed decision as to whether they wish to proceed with a potential purchase.

The person responsible for marketing a house must have a Home Report and must give a copy to any potential buyer who asks for it. A copy of the report must be provided within 9 days. anyone who does not do this may get a penalty notice from the Local Authority. The penalty charge is £500 per property.

There are instances where the Home Report can be withheld from certain people.

- Where you reason to believe the interested party is unlikely to have sufficient means to buy the house.

- The person is genuinely not interested in buying the house.

- Where the interested party is not a person to whom the vendor is likely to be prepared to sell the house - this does not allow people to discriminate, say, on grounds of race.

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The Property Questionnaire

The property questionnaire requires to be completed by the seller. It's purpose is to provide home buyers with additional information about the house they are considering buying.

If you are ordering your Home Report from us you will complete your questionnaire online. In general the questions are easy with tick boxes, yes and no answers. There are a few questions that you may not know the answers to off hand. Although the information is easy to obtain, for example:

A: Council tax bands. If you don't know phone your local council tax office or check your assessment form.

B: Conservation area or listed building - phone your local council planning department.

C: Energy performance certificate.

Unless your house has been built in recent years the answer is likely to be no. The rest of the questions should be easy for you to answer. We recommend you complete your questionnaire prior to the surveyors visit. Submit online to save time.


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